History for Kids: An Illustrated History of the Civil Rights Movement for Children

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The title sums this book up. Following the alphabet, kids can learn about the many women, including Billie Jean King and Angela Davis , who made great contributions to American history. Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman. Chin Music Press. Are You An Echo?

The Politics of Children’s Literature: What’s Wrong with the Rosa Parks Myth

Penguin Random House. Two challenges arise in teaching about King: the first is effectively communicating historical information to young children, and the second is adequately representing the diversity, breadth, and collective nature of the Civil Rights Movement.

In my teacher training program, we learned about different approaches to teaching social studies through the grade levels. A master educator led a brief seminar on teaching social studies in early childhood classrooms. Some folks began jotting notes furiously; others thumped their pens against their notebooks, unsure.

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For these reasons, early childhood educators rarely focus on historical figures, and instead choose topics of study that are accessible, tactile, and present. We strive to integrate teaching about fairness throughout the year, most saliently through creating equitable learning communities in which all students feel valued and respected.

We almost never discuss historical figures with children five and under, with one exception: Martin Luther King Jr. School leaders and parents justifiably expect teachers to acknowledge this day. What the master early childhood educator had arrived at over the years and shared with us novice teachers makes a lot of sense. Year-round, her classroom has a small black and white photo of King standing deep in contemplation , with a framed picture of Gandhi visible in the background.

Day to tell students that they will not have school on Monday. Then she tells the reason why. She holds up the picture of King and Gandhi. We have a holiday that we call Martin Luther King Jr. President Lyndon B. Johnson, right, talks with civil rights leaders in his White House office in Washington.

The Volunteer State: Exploring Tennessee through Literature | About ALA

Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Augustine, Florida, on June 10, Several Ku Klux Klan members, most in white robes and unmasked hoods, carry placards stating: "Please stay out, Negroes and Whites mix here". Ivory Ward, 43, sits in his car, with a hole in his windshield that he said was made by a bullet fired from a truck driven by white men, after African Americans marched in an integration demonstration, June 10, , in St.

Augustine, Florida. Integration demonstrators, after a long march through the white business and residential section of St.

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Augustine, Florida, held prayer sessions at the Monson Motor Lodge Restaurant on June 18, , The restaurant has been the target of many sit-in attempts by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. A Toddle House restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, occupied during a sit-in. An unidentified African American demonstrator crouches for protection against blows from white man in front of segregated Nashville restaurant on May 1, Three or four African Americans were hurt in a series of scuffles between demonstrators and white men and white youths.

Civil rights marchers walk through the streets of downtown Cambridge, Maryland, on May 12, The National Guard were deployed to keep order after a violent confrontation the night before. National Guard troops with upthrust bayonets surround integrationists kneeling in prayer as approximately made a peaceful attempt to challenge the no-demonstration edict of the military commander in Cambridge, Maryland on May 13, A police officer carrying a young girl walks past three civil rights demonstrators on the ground next to the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police station on April 2, The demonstrators were part of 54 arrested at a Tulsa restaurant.

Members of the group, backed by the Congress of Racial Equality, went limp when arrested and forced officers to carry them from the restaurant and the paddy wagon.

THE UNDEFEATED by Kwame Alexander, Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Stoner, segregationist from Atlanta, Georgia, holds a confederate flag as he addresses a large crowd of whites at a slave market in St. Augustine, Florida, on June 13, and then leads them on a long march through an African American residential section. At right is sign that read "Kill Civil Rights Bill. Andrew Young leans into a police car to talk to Dr.

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Augustine, Florida, after testifying before a grand jury investigating racial unrest in the city on June 12, Youths attempted to stall the train, which was headed from the city to the fairgrounds, as a form of protest on behalf of civil rights for blacks. Augustine, Florida, this man dove in and cleared them out on June 18, All were arrested.


Augustine, Florida, on June 18, Augustine, Florida, reacts after learning that the U. The public swimming pool has been changed into a "private pool" in order to remain segregated, in Cairo, Illinois.